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Dear Guests,

Physiotherapy, or treatment through movement and physical stimuli, has been known for thousands of years. Historical sources confirming the application of physiotherapy for various types of illnesses and complaints can be found in all cultures and corners of the world. Contemporary physiotherapy has been developing since the 1940s in an extremely dynamic and noteworthy manner amongst other medical professions. We are able to measure the effects of physiotherapy on the human body (also at the cellular level) with growing precision and discover its ever-increasing range of applications. Modern physiotherapy makes it possible for patients to return to health more quickly, extends patients’ life expectancy and improves the comfort of their lives, as well as successfully prevents a number of diseases of affluence.

Those countries which recognised physiotherapy as a significant part of medicine, making it widely accessible within the framework of their health care, offer the best and most effective of healthcare systems. The possibility for patients to regularly contact their physiotherapists, along with physiotherapy education, contributes to a change in lifestyles within societies, thereby making people fitter and healthier. All these factors combine to make the profession of a physiotherapist enjoy worldwide prestige. Proper understanding of a physiotherapist’s competences favours harmonious cooperation with other medical professions and brings huge financial savings for a state and its people.

Polish physiotherapists are highly esteemed throughout the world – from Europe, through the United States, to Australia. It is with great sadness that we notice that the skills and knowledge of the fifty thousand Polish physiotherapists are underused and underappreciated in our country. Our goal, as the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists, is to change this situation and build the prestige of the profession of a physiotherapist in our country.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 1st International Congress of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists, which will feature presentations of the latest possibilities offered by contemporary physiotherapy and the prospects for its development. We strongly believe that it will be an opportunity to present our competences and the right place of physiotherapy in contemporary health care.

The plenary session will focus on the latest trends and good practices which have already been in place in Poland or should be adapted to our country as soon as possible. The speakers at the 20 sessions of the Congress will include both Polish and foreign lecturers. There are also 36 planned thematic workshops to be held for all fields of physiotherapy.

Invitation to the Honorary Committee of the Congress has been accepted by Prof. dr hab. n. med. Mirosław Wielgoś, the Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) and Marshal of the Polish Senate, Mr. Stanisław Karczewski.

The 1st Congress of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists will be held immediately after the celebrations of the 100thanniversary of the Polish independence. I am more than convinced that the right place of modern physiotherapy in the healthcare system guarantees health security for all Polish citizens and will contribute to proper development of future generations.

Please accept my cordial invitation!

Yours sincerely

Maciej Krawczyk, PT, PhD
President of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists


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